Chapter 1285: The Saint-Emperor Emerges

In this moment, Daoist Heavenspan closely resembled the Mortal Renegade. In fact, a vortex appeared on his own forehead, within which a face could be seen, which was none other than the face of the Mortal Renegade!

His aura was different as well; there was an air to it that suggested nirvanic extermination, as though he wished any area he saw to be filled with death!

“The ultimate expression of my Dao is to bring nirvanic extermination to everything. In the end, only I shall be Eternal!” He strode forward, flanked by hordes of burning devilish specters. Then he extended his hand, causing numerous specters to clump together in front of him, forming a huge blazing fire of darkness!

It was none other than… a black flower of flame!

“Nirvanic extermination!”...

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