Chapter 1284: Single Sparks

Over the ten year period, countless dandelion seeds spread out into the void, all of which contained Bai Xiaochun’s life force and divine sense. They moved with speed that defied the comprehension of cultivators, piercing through the void even faster than Bai Xiaochun could have moved on his own.

Some landed on various ruins, while others continued on, reaching places far, far away from the Eternal Immortal Domains. And as the dandelion seeds landed and took root, changes began to take place.

In one particular location was a stretch of ruins completely devoid of any signs of life. It was desolate, withered, and rife with death.

There was even a misty haze that hung over the area, almost like a sludge.

A dandelion seed dropped into the haze, and vanished. A few years later,...

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