Chapter 1283: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao

The door to his private chamber became like a door closing him off from the entire world.

He sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and settled his emotions. It took some time, but he pushed aside all extraneous thoughts, and when he opened his eyes again, they shone with utter determination!

He was now in a state that he rarely entered. His cultivation base had steadily climbed over the years, and considering all of the things he had experienced, and all the twists and turns that had come in his life, at some point, Bai Xiaochun realized that he had grown up.

After visiting the reconstructed Heavenspan Realm, and looking back on the path he had walked, his heart had steadily grown more and more calm.

At the same time, he had begun to formulate the very thoughts that the Eternal Mother had alluded to….

“The Mortal Renegade’s Dao is one of complete...

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