Chapter 1282: A Legendary Life

That year, a young man and his two enormously fat friends blocked the path and extorted their fellow disciples….

That year, a young woman stomped up, looking like a hot chili pepper. As soon as she saw the young man, her heart started to pound….

Bai Xiaochun looked over at Hou Xiaomei, and she looked back at him. Both seemed to be transported back in time to that day.

Eventually, Bai Xiaochun headed to the north bank of the Spirit Stream Sect. At the Beast Conservatory, he saw the residence he and Bruiser had once occupied, and couldn’t help but think back to the moment Bruiser had been born.

“Bruiser….” he said softly. Bruiser trotted over and shrank down to the size he had been back then, and his charming appearance caused warmth to fill Bai Xiaochun’s heart.

“This is where Bruiser was born,” he explained. Bruiser’s eyes also seemed to flicker with emotion...

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