Chapter 1277: The Opposite Can Too!

Everyone in the Eternal Immortal Domains was looking up at the image in the sky, their eyes wide, their souls stirring, their blood pumping with an intimate, warm feeling.

This was the mother of them all, the source of all their bloodlines. The Eternal Mother.

Neither the Saint-Emperor nor Bai Xiaochun could control the reactions coming from their own blood. To them, the eye inside the bell was like a blooming flower that they instinctively felt intimately close to.

Suddenly, all of the Eternal Immortal Domains smelled like a fragrant flower. Even the void around the world was affected as dazzling light shone out in all directions.

Only the hulking Mortal Renegade remained completely still and unmoving, his powerful aura of murder and death suppressing the life force and the fragrant aroma.

In all of the Eternal Immortal Domains,...

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