Chapter 1272: Searching For The Eternal Mother

Even as the Saint-Emperor spoke the words, Bai Xiaochun vanished and reappeared in front of him up in the sky. There, he waved his hand, causing an invisible barrier to spring up around them that would keep their words, and even their divine sense, masked and undetectable.

What the Saint-Emperor had said was what Bai Xiaochun had already suspect to be the case, and both of them were completely shaken by the thought. If it were true, then it was likely that the Mortal Renegade wouldn’t need even half of a sixty-year-cycle to break free from the sealing strip.

After all, the sealing power of the strips didn’t just come from their bloodlines, but also from the natural laws put in place by the Eternal Mother. For example, back when Bai Xiaochun had unmasked the imposter Vile-Emperor and exposed him to those natural laws, his clone form had...

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