Chapter 1271: Something Is Wrong

Xiaobao’s birth eased much of the tension in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. It was as if he represented a hope that, despite being intangible, was enough that the people of the three imperial dynasties could at least pray for a better future.

Unfortunately, the Mortal Renegade still loomed in the sky above, and his weight caused everyone to slowly sink back towards panic.

In many places in the Eternal Immortal Domains, cultivators began to act in wild and erratic ways. Murders, looting, and other violence broke out, and many people gave up on any attempt to keep their evil side constrained. There were even some people who began to worship the Mortal Renegade, in the hopes that he would show them mercy if they served him.

Such behavior grew more rampant, to the point where it became obvious that, if things continued, the Eternal Immortal Domains would...

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