Chapter 1267: Meteorites Bind The World

The people of the Eternal Immortal Domains had only recently watched the Saint-Emperor’s bloodline sealing strip shatter. But now, Bai Xiaochun had repaired the Arch-Ancestor’s bloodline sealing strip. As of this moment, one sealing strip held strong, while the other two had been destroyed!

The forehead represented divine sense, and the dantian region represented the cultivation base. From that it could be seen that, years ago when the Eternal Sons had lived, the Arch-Ancestor was the strongest. That was why his bloodline sealing strip covered the most important areas!

Only recently, the Mortal Renegade had been struggling to open his eyes and awaken, to the point where his entire body trembled. But now that Bai Xiaochun had repaired the bloodline sealing strip, struggle was not possible. The Mortal Renegade went still.

At the same time, the bloodline sealing strip teleported Bai Xiaochun back out into the open,...

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