Chapter 1265: Sovereign

Bai Xiaochun could not see what was happening in the outside world, nor was he interested in it at the moment. His fight with the Arch-Ancestor had left him completely exhausted, but thankfully, his powers of regeneration were already at work.

On the upside, he had conserved a lot of cultivation base power, just in case he needed it to complete the repair of the sealing strip.

“The Arch-Ancestor must have put the sixth volume of the Undying Codex into my five yin organs!” he thought. As he sped along, he confirmed that five colorful motes of light were there inside of him.

They felt warm, but other than that, didn’t seem very special. Unfortunately, there was no time to think about the matter right now.

The final leg of the journey turned out to be a lot different than Bai Xiaochun had assumed it would be. No shadowy specters...

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