Chapter 1263: Sixth Volume!

The energy passageway created by the bloodline sealing strip had once seemed enormous to Bai Xiaochun. But as the Arch-Ancestor rose to his feet, Bai Xiaochun realized that his head nearly touched the ‘sky’ above.

His size, his expressionless face, his cold eyes, and the explosive power that radiated off of his fleshly body made it seem like any attack he unleashed could shake the foundations of worlds! In fact, he seemed strong enough to destroy the energy passageway itself!

Even the mere motion of standing up caused a gale-force wind to spread out, blasting away all of the shadowy specters in the area, and completely wiping most of them out of existence.

He was strong, mighty, vicious, and explosive!

Those were the only four words Bai Xiaochun could think of to accurately describe the Arch-Ancestor.


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