Chapter 1262: Honey Trapping

Chuckling bitterly, the Saint-Emperor flew away from the enormous sovereign, his mood already having plunged to the ultimate depths. “It seems that deadly catastrophe is about to befall the Eternal Immortal Domains….”

He could only hope that Bai Xiaochun would succeed. After all, if the final bloodline sealing strip was destroyed, then… it would mean the end of the Eternal Immortal Domains.

Everyone in the Eternal Immortal Domains was left shaken. The Saint-Emperor had failed, the second sealing strip had been destroyed, and the gigantic sovereign was now struggling with more intensity than ever.

“The Arch-Emperor is our only hope!!”

“The Arch-Emperor must succeed!!!” 

Everyone was now praying for Bai Xiaochun, even the Saint-Emperor.

Inside of the energy passageway, Bai Xiaochun had...

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