Chapter 1260: Repairing The Seal

The Mortal Renegade’s body was massive. Right now, the only thing Bai Xiaochun could see was the bloodline sealing strip, which looked like dozens of mountain ranges lined up next to each other. In fact, it would have been difficult to even identify it were it not for the strong aura of the Arch-Ancestor’s bloodline that it contained, which formed a resonance with him.

Upon entering the sealing strip, his vision blurred for a moment. When it cleared, he looked around to find himself in a dark area that was actually… one of the Mortal Renegade’s energy passageways!

It was not a natural energy passageway, but rather, one that had been forcibly created back when the three Eternal Sons sealed the Mortal Renegade!

It was large, almost...

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