Chapter 1256: Trident of Emperors

The Vile-Emperor was initially suspicious of what was happening, and even the Saint-Emperor thought that it was impossible. As archaeans, they knew how difficult it was to reach the Archaean Realm, some of which pertained to a secret that no other cultivators in the Eternal Immortal Domains were aware of.

It had been many years since both the Vile-Emperor and the Saint-Emperor came to realize that it would be very difficult for another archaean to appear in the Eternal Immortal Domains. After all, in order to become an archaean, one had to gain the approval of the world!

That approval was not merely some nod of the head. It involved acquiring some of the qi flow of the world itself, essentially, taking some of its natural laws. That was the only way to become an archaean!

And thus, both the Vile-Emperor and the...

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