Chapter 1253: The Return!

The Giant Ghost King’s trajectory brought him closer to the border of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty with every moment. Eventually, he found himself outside of a wide basin in the lands.

It wasn’t particularly large, but the ground in the area was all scorched black, with wisps of black smoke rising up everywhere. In the middle of the basin was a chunk of stone.

It was about the size of a fist, and pulsed with strange, dim light. In fact, the stone itself seemed to shift in size and shape according to some strange pattern. It almost looked like a heartbeat.

Eight demigods from the Arch-Emperor Dynasty already had the area locked down, but they weren’t strong enough to deal with the corrosive powers coming from the stone, and thus, hadn’t approached it. After reporting the matter, they had simply waited for the Giant Ghost King to arrive.

When they saw him nearing, they immediately...

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