Chapter 1252: Resurrecting Bai Hao!

Taking a deep, excited breath, he slowly moved the tongue of thirty-colored flame toward the mark on the back of his hand. As he did, Bai Hao’s soul began to emit unprecedentedly intense fluctuations.

“Hao’er….” he murmured. And with that, he took the thirty-colored flame that he had worked hard on for many, many years, and expended immense resources and effort to conjure, and placed it onto the mark!

The instant he did, dazzling light erupted out! Years ago, Bai Hao had sacrificed himself to conjure the twenty-two-colored flame that he needed to save Bai Xiaochun from a moment of crisis!

In return, Bai Xiaochun paid an enormous price to resurrect Bai Hao from within the mark that had once been all that remained of him!!

As the light shining off of the mark grew brighter, Bai Xiaochun’s nervousness mounted. He stared and stared...

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