Chapter 1249: All For My Apprentice!

On this extended journey through the void, Bai Xiaochun’s only goal was to conjure a tongue of thirty-colored flame, and resurrect his apprentice, Bai Hao!

As the years passed, he conjured more tongues of twenty-nine-colored flame, and at the same time, stabilized his place within the Archaean Realm. Along the way, he drew closer and closer to his goal.

His higher cultivation base ensured that his auguries regarding thirty-colored flame achieved success much more quickly. Combined with all of his previous knowledge and experiences, the formula gradually began to take shape in his mind.

He still had no way to know whether or not thirty colors was the ultimate limit. However, he soon reached the point where his formula was complete.

The next step was to use his accumulation of souls to start the conjuring process. With the successive failures that would result, he would...

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