Chapter 1247: Overacting

Bai Xiaochi looked a bit suspicious and hesitant. He was absolutely certain that he had sensed the aura of his former master, the Worldly Daoist. But the words he had heard just now seemed exactly like something the shameless and fraudulent Bai Xiaochun would love to say….

The Worldly Daoist had been one of the most powerful sovereigns in existence. How could he possibly say such mind-numbingly shocking things?

But because of that aura, Bai Xiaochi had no way of telling for sure.

As Bai Xiaochi looked on hesitantly, Bai Xiaochun stood there, his eyes closed and expression somber, feeling very pleased with himself. Although the Worldly Daoist’s tenacious will had taken over his body temporarily, he had remained conscious the entire time, viewing everything as though via an out-of-body experience. At first, he had been quite shocked,...

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