Chapter 1246: Be Good Now, Xiao Chi

Not even the Worldly Daoist, Immortal Imperator, ensconced as he was in Bai Xiaochun’s body, could possibly stand up to the pressure of such a powerful expert, dead as he was.

The Worldly Daoist of the moment was only an expression of focus and will, and Bai Xiaochun himself was only an archaean. Therefore, that focus and will could only unleash a fraction of its original battle prowess.

Furthermore, the Immortal World was now nothing but ruins. Therefore, the Worldly Daoist currently only possessed about twenty percent of his true strength!

“Even if my true self had come here years in the past, I still wouldn’t have been able to remain in the presence of this corpse for long… nor could I have touched it!” In fact, he didn’t even dare to step onto the ship itself.

If he did, he would most certainly be destroyed in body and soul!

This corpse was so incredibly strong that it defied...

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