Chapter 1242: Eternal Spirit

The Mortal Renegade didn’t seem to be affected at all by the Worldly Daoist’s shout. He simply looked back at him calmly, almost as if he were already dead. Apparently, he really had severed any and all emotions connected to him.

It was only after the Worldly Daoist’s voice faded away that he finally spoke.

“There are two people in my heart, two people who have hindered my pursuit of the great Dao. The first is the woman that both of us fell in love with. The other… is you.”

This was the first time that Mortal Renegade had actually acknowledged the relationship between himself and the Worldly Daoist. In response, the Worldly Daoist shivered. However, he knew his brother, and therefore, chuckled bitterly and said, “I understand. You killed Junior Sister, and now you’ll kill me…. Afterward, nothing will hinder your pursuit of...

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