Chapter 1241: The Mortal Renegade

As soon as that battleship became visible within the black mists, Bai Xiaochun’s vision ended.

Having regained lucidity, he found himself in front of the sovereign’s head, being shoved away by the immense pressure. This time, he fared much better than on the previous occasion. He had acquired an additional twenty percent of the qi flow, which was already entering his body.

Bai Xiaochi didn’t ask any questions, but his eyes shone brightly; he knew what was happening. Bai Xiaochun returned to the fan and rested for a few days, then headed back toward the sovereign’s head, his eyes shining with determination.

As his hand touched the skin, and he unleashed his Daoist magics, the blankness once again took over. By now, he was used to it, and simply let it happen.

Time passed, after which, he woke up. Or perhaps it was Zhou Chen who woke up.

This was...

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