Chapter 1238: Absorbing Memories

Bai Xiaochun looked at the sovereign’s head, and as Bai Xiaochi’s voice rang in his ears, he realized that just as the spirit automaton had said, that strange power was indeed the last bit of qi flow from the Immortal World!

That qi flow had pulled the fan to it, which made sense considering that the qi flow had created the fan in this very location!

As for his own Daoseed, it thirsted for that power for the same reason Bai Xiaochi had mentioned. If he could absorb the last of the Immortal World’s qi flow, then he could easily break through into the Archaean Realm!

This was an opportunity that any celestial would go crazy over, good fortune that was rarely encountered. Other than the Eternal Immortal Domains, there were no other worlds in this void who had...

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