Chapter 1236: Burial Rain

There was no spare time to ask Bai Xiaochi about who the Immortal Imperatrix was. His scalp simply tingled at the shocking performance the old ghost woman had put on. Clearly, she had upped her game, releasing that shocking sea of black flames that she had never used before.

Strangely, the sea of flames didn’t seem to contain even a scrap of heat, and yet, his divine sense had indicated that it could definitely burn anything that got in its path.

That in itself was enough to cause him to flee for his life. Thankfully, it seemed the old ghost woman wasn’t very stable while in that state, and couldn’t actually pursue him.

He fled for three months straight, not slowing down for even an instant. Whenever he thought back to what had happened, he scowled in frustration and disappointment.

During those three months, Bai Xiaochi didn’t say much, but would occasionally look over his shoulder, his expression...

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