Chapter 1235: Immortal Imperatrix

After straightening up from his bow, he flew up into the sky. When he had first arrived in this place, the chaotic flows of time had been quite unsettling. But now that he had taken his first steps toward controlling the Essence of time, they didn't bother him at all.

It didn’t matter how the time flows shifted and changed, they couldn't do anything to affect the hourglass in his mind. That hourglass was rooted to his consciousness, and nothing on the outside could affect it any more than wind could affect a boulder.

Flying up, he eventually found himself back out in the void, and then, on his treasured fan!

In that exact moment, Bai Xiaochi settled down cross-legged, and was just about to close his eyes to meditate. Startled, he jumped back up and shouted, “What’s wron...

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