Chapter 1233: Sovereign Of Antiquity

It started out faint, and was difficult to hear clearly, as though it had drifted to this point through countless years of time. It sounded like a man speaking, except that it was impossible to hear the exact words, no matter how Bai Xiaochun focused.

And yet, that mere voice caused his Time Immemorial Codex to leap with unprecedented vigor. Even the flow of time around him seemed to change.

Most noteworthy, and most shocking, was that Bai Xiaochun could sense gravity changing because of the voice.

Although he couldn’t make the voice out clearly, he was convinced… that it contained the answer he had been seeking!

As his eyes opened, they shone with determination and decisiveness. Blurring into motion, he headed toward a 600-meter-tall hourglass!

The flow of time here was twenty-thousand times normal speed!!

It was even easier to see the gravitational...

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