Chapter 1232: Gravitational Enlightenment

Bai Xiaochun stood there, looking around thoughtfully at the endless hourglasses. Eventually, he remembered what Bai Xiaochi had said about gaining enlightenment of the Essence of time.

“My Time Immemorial Codex definitely has something to do with the Essence of time,” he murmured.

Early on, Bai Xiaochun had heard of Essence, but didn’t understand it much. After encountering the damaged fan, and Bai Xiaochi, his understanding grew. Eventually, he became the owner of the fan, and practiced cultivation in front of the Daoist Tower of Life and Death in the fan face. At that point, his understanding gradually became more complete.

However, he still couldn’t put that understanding into words.

Right now, he felt like he was standing inside of a true treasure, surrounded by Essence. However, his comprehension was still incomplete, and thus he couldn’t grasp its meaning. It was as if he were missing...

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