Chapter 1230: Hourglass Precious Treasures

Despite having successfully shaken the old woman, Bai Xiaochun still didn’t feel completely at ease. Gritting his teeth, he sent the fan flying along for another few months.

At that point, he glanced over at the dispirited Bai Xiaochi, and rubbed his nose awkwardly.

“Er… hey Little Bai, why don’t you go rest up a bit. It’s been a long three years!”

Bai Xiaochi cast him an angry glare, and thought about giving him a piece of his mind. But at the moment, he was just too exhausted, and simply faded from view.

Upon seeing that the spirit automaton had gone to sleep, Bai Xiaochun breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he knew that he was in the wrong. If he hadn’t gotten greedy, then they wouldn't have had to deal with the three year chase.

And yet, the gains he had made three years...

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