Chapter 123: Fight!

“Completely shameless!! I can’t believe the world has someone as shameless as him in it!!”

“Heavens! In all my years, I’ve never seen a guy as shameless as that. I can’t deal with this. Can't deal with it, I tell you! I’m gonna go strangle him to death!”

“Get out of my way! This villain Bai Xiaochun’s shamelessness is incomprehensible!!”

Everyone was going mad and shouting at the tops of their lungs. Eyes were shot with blood. Liu Dabiao reappeared after having conceded, his legs wobbling and tears streaming down his face. Everyone present felt sorry for him.

“This is too much! Instead of accepting the challenge of an Inner Sect disciple, he fights an Outer Sect disciple? If he wants to pick someone weak to fight, fine, but did he have to pick someone that weak?!?!”

“Hey, fight me, Chen Ao! I challenged you on the first day. Come on, I dare ya!!” The Inner Sect disciples were going mad, unleashing anger upon Bai Xiaochun that could shake heaven and earth.

The Gongsun siblings and Xu Song were speeding toward the trial platform from off in the distance. After learning what had happened, they were shaken, but also...

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