Chapter 1226: A Journey Through The Void!

There was something about the way she held his hand, and something about her soft gaze and faint smile, that contained indescribable splendor. Somehow, it was very attractive….

It seemed like actual hooks dragging him toward her!

After returning to his own private chamber, he couldn’t stop thinking about one particular question.

“Did something really go wrong with her breakthrough, giving Ghostmother a chance to make a move? Or… did Gongsun Wan’er do it all on purpose?” Although there was no way for him to answer the question, the latter seemed a highly likely possibility.

Since there was no way to determine the answer, he stopped thinking about it. Waving his hand to produce a large amount of souls, he once again began to work on twenty-three-colored flame.

In all of the Eternal Immortal...

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