Chapter 1225: Thank You, Sweetie

The source of the aura was Gongsun Wan’er’s immortal's cave!

Bai Xiaochun had originally expected to detect the aura of a breakthrough. After all, whenever he spent time in secluded meditation, he would occasionally send some divine sense out into Arch-Emperor City to check on things.

And for years now, Gongsun Wan’er had been hoping to break through to the mid Celestial Realm. That fact was no secret; it was known to Bai Xiaochun, the Grand Heavenmaster, and even others.

If Bai Xiaochun had not helped Gongsun Wan’er supplant Ghostmother, then given the resources she had built up, she shouldn’t have had any problem achieving such a breakthrough.

The entire time that Gongsun Wan’er had been in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, she had been in seclusion. Although she had fully absorbed Ghostmother, that was only the first step. And despite the fact that Ghostmother’s consciousness...

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