Chapter 1224: Don’t Be Scared, Daddy

Bai Xiaochun already felt a headache coming on. Over the years, he had repeatedly tried to correct his son’s incorrect view of life, but had never succeeded.

Xiaoxiao was a bit easier to deal with; Dabao was the true headache, and this huge snake was even more evidence of how gutsy he was. And Bai Xiaochun had heard many other stories of things Dabao had done, things that he would never have dared to do at that age….

For example, in recent years, ghosts and souls had gradually become more common, possibly because of the rise of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. And yet Dabao had simply gone out and captured some for himself. He had even captured spies sent over by the Vile-Emperor Dynasty and the Saint-Emperor Dynasty.

And now he had gone and caught a gigantic snake. It was as if these two children actually...

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