Chapter 1223: Frustrated Bai Xiaochun

From now on, the Arch-Emperor Dynasty would have three celestials!

Although that still wasn’t as much as the other two imperial dynasties, they were now catching up. When small-scale friction arose, it wouldn’t always fall to Gongsun Wan’er to handle matters. The Grand Heavenmaster and Giant Ghost King would now be able to join the fighting.

Furthermore, upon discovering how useful Bai Xiaochun’s Future Will was, the Grand Heavenmaster created a whole set of plans that would culminate in the War Champion King and other demigod experts getting a chance to become celestials.

The Saint-Emperor Dynasty and the Vile-Emperor Dynasty took the matter very seriously. Obviously, when it came to a fighting force of celestials, it wouldn’t be long before the Arch-Emperor Dynasty was in a very good position.

Despite that knowledge, there was little the other two dynasties could do about the situation. In his fear, the Saint-Emperor chose to try to maintain the best relations possible...

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