Chapter 122: I Accept This Challenge!

The north bank disciples viewed challenging Bai Xiaochun as a sort of heroic accomplishment. It was causing such a stir that word even spread to the south bank. The disciples there exchanged glances of sympathy. Of course, that sympathy was not for Bai Xiaochun; it was for the disciples of the north bank.

“They really don’t know him at all....”

“Just wait. It won't be long before they realize how terrifying Bai Xiaochun is.”

Time passed. On the tenth day, the number of Inner Sect disciples who had challenged Bai Xiaochun had reached about 2,300 in total. That number increased every day.

It reached the point that any Inner Sect disciple who didn’t go to challenge Bai Xiaochun was considered to have lost face. Not going to the trial platform to send out a paper crane was considered to be contemptible.

Once that became the norm... even more people challenged him.

“Hahaha! On this day, I, Xu Dabao, put up 10 merit points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

“Humph! I, Zhou Yuncong, challenged the archenemy of the north bank three days ago. Too bad that numskull didn’t dare to fight!”

On the thirteenth day, the number of disciples who had challenged Bai Xiaochun passed the 3,000 mark. The north bank was completely and utterly...

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