Chapter 1217: Joy Turns To Sorrow

It was a completely shocking development. There were tens of thousands of people on all of those battleships… and the majority of them had the blood of the Heavenspan Realm in them.

Before the Saint-Emperor could react, Bai Xiaochun exclaimed, “Are you addicted to having kids, Master Snortsnort? You were like this in the Wildlands, and now here in the Eternal Immortal Domains, you’re, you’re… you’re still up to the same thing! You’ve sired an entire sect!”

Bai Xiaochun was simply bowled over. He had once thought Bruiser was impressive, but could see now that Bruiser only qualified to kowtow to Master God-Diviner. The sudden revelation was like a lightning bolt striking from a blue sky.

Then Bai Xiaochun thought about how much trouble it was dealing with only a couple women, whereas Master God-Diviner had tens of thousands to handle…. It seemed they all got along, which filled Bai Xiaochun with mixed emotions,...

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