Chapter 1215: Aggrieved Master God-Diviner

Zhou Zimo had crushed an Aphrodisiac Pill, as had Song Junwan. But Hou Xiaomei had crushed two. And she had done so in the confines of a private chamber….

It was easy to imagine the result…. The pink mist was particularly dense, and wouldn’t dissipate. Bai Xiaochun and Hou Xiaomei breathed it in… for days. When it finally faded away, the door to the private chamber opened, and Hou Xiaomei emerged. She looked a bit limp, but her face was flushed, and her eyes were sparkling. After glancing over her shoulder, she patted her tummy and then giddily left.

A few minutes later, Bai Xiaochun staggered out of the private chamber, then stood there looking disconsolately up at the sky.

“I’m the grand and mighty Arch-Emperor, one of the three most powerful experts in the Eternal Immortal Domains….” He could only sigh at how his defeat at the hands of Aphrodisiac Pills seemed to have become a recurring theme in his life.

“If only Aphrodisiac Pills didn’t exist….” he moaned inwardly. A moment passed,...

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