Chapter 1213: Back To The Beginning!

No one knew how frustrating life was for Bai Xiaochun. After all, his existence was one of even more leisure than before. Whether it was the construction of the imperial city, or the various arrangements with the Saint-Emperor Dynasty and the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, it was all handled by subordinates.

After the bedraggled Prince Ur-Demon and Reverend Devourer were released and sent back to the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, an even greater influx of Heavenspan Realm cultivators arrived.

The Heavenspan Realm’s immortal domain was becoming a very busy and bustling place. Cities were popping up left and right, and mountain ranges were being raised up everywhere to create defensive borders.

Bai Xiaochun wanted to go talk things over with Hou Xiaomei, but she was being watched like a hawk by Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo, and had been assigned a whole retinue of servants by the Grand Heavenmaster, who treated her like an official imperial concubine. Unfortunately, she was a lot...

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