Chapter 1212: A Bug

The Saint-Emperor hesitated, and the Vile-Emperor sucked in a breath, eyes flickering with cold light as he waved his hand to summon his damaged red sun.

He also stretched his left hand out in the direction of Vile-Emperor City, which caused the huge trident that the city was built on to begin to tremble, as though it might fly out of the ground at any moment!

At the same time, the trident began to pulse with a murderous aura so powerful that it was even detectable this far away on the Eternal Sea!

“Saint-Emperor. Bai Xiaochun. There’s no way the two of you can team up to kill me, not unless one of you is willing to die in the process!

“Without that mindset, then maybe you’ll beat me, and maybe even take the Vile-Emperor Dynasty away from me. However, without a dynasty to worry about, I would be even more terrifying than before!” His voice was so cold that it caused the air to freeze, and ice to spread out over the surface of the sea.

Bai Xiaochun...

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