Chapter 1211: Scare You Into Submission!

Bai Xiaochun was some distance away, and still needed at least an incense stick’s worth of time to reach his destination. With how things looked, he didn’t have enough time to come to Gongsun Wan’er’s rescue!

However… in the same moment that the Vile-Emperor’s hand began to descend, a boom rang out that seemed capable of splitting the sky. Massive waves surged across the surface of the sea, and at the same time, the hand-shaped depression in the water began to fill in!!

Shockingly… an enormous hand formed from water was rising up from the sea!

After filling in the hand-shaped depression, it rose up into the air to meet the descending palm strike from the Vile-Emperor!


A deafening explosion filled the air as both the sky and the land vibrated violently.

“Saint-Emperor!!” The Vile-Emperor glared down at the Eternal Sea as a semi-translucent figure appeared, which radiated an archaean...

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