Chapter 1209: Reunions

Bai Xiaochun didn’t so much as blink. Almost as soon as the words left the Saint-Emperor’s mouth, he excitedly took two steps forward, clasped hands and bowed. 

“Big Bro!” he said, his voice seemingly quivering with emotion, as though he were worried he might not sound sincere enough. Of course, to the other celestials, it seemed blatantly melodramatic….

Before any of them could even begin to feel derision, though, the Saint-Emperor, who didn’t seem to have noticed anything overtly melodramatic, also bowed in excitement. 

Eyes sparkling, he laughed and said, “Second Bro!!”

The Saint-Emperor actually spoke in even more melodramatic fashion than Bai Xiaochun. Upon seeing this, Bai Xiaochun was a bit disgruntled. Not wanting to be outdone, he took a deep breath and then spoke in the loudest and most sincere voice he could possibly achieve.

“Big Bro!”

“Second Bro!” the Saint-Emperor replied, sounding completely delighted....

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