Chapter 1208: Shaking All Creation

Of course, it was another lie…. Bai Xiaochun still had three shots of Archaean Luminescence left.

But the Vile-Emperor didn’t know that. He had been in a passive position from the beginning of the fight, and Bai Xiaochun continued to speak in a way that didn’t make any sense. Instead of holding back, he took the initiative to say how many shots he had left… except that every single time, he said he only had one….

Because of that, the Vile-Emperor had no way to guess at the truth, and no way to tell whether or not he could trust what Bai Xiaochun said….

He would rather die than trust Bai Xiaochun… and yet, if he didn’t trust him, that would mean he believed… that he had plenty more shots left!

And trusting him… would result in the same thing as before, bitter consequences.

Creating frustrating...

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