Chapter 1207: I'm Really Out

“What makes you think I would run out of Archaean Luminescence so quickly…?” Bai Xiaochun chuckled, his eyes shining with a strange light. He seemed completely confident, almost as if he had forgotten that he actually only had fourteen shots left!

Although he had used one beam to punish Bai Xiaochi, after Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo woke up, his supply had returned to fifteen shots.

And yet, at this moment, he almost seemed to believe that his supply was endless! Facing the Vile-Emperor and his red sun, he waved his hand out in front of him!

“Fear not, Lord Bai has lots of Archaean Luminescence left!” He reached out with divine sense to connect to the fan, whereupon… a second beam of Archaean Luminescence appeared!

But that wasn’t all! A third beam also materialized, both of which contained the battle prowess...

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