Chapter 1205: Shaking The Vile-Emperor!!

The surrounding cultivators of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had still not recovered from their shock. As for the Heavenspan Realm cultivators who were hidden in the crowd, they were still pleasantly shocked…. And that was exactly when Bai Xiaochun spoke in a thunderous voice that struck everyone down to their hearts!

The Vile-Emperor Dynasty cultivators seemed to once again be filled with confidence, and gave voice to excited anticipation. 

“The Vile-Emperor!?!?!?”

“Heavens! Don’t tell me the Vile-Emperor is actually among us right now?!?!”

“Hahaha! This Bai Xiaochun is dead! When His Majesty the Vile-Emperor takes action, nobody in the entire Eternal Immortal Domains can stand up to his wrath, except maybe the Saint-Emperor!”

Meanwhile, the air in the location that Bai Xiaochun had looked...

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