Chapter 1204: I Hereby Challenge You To A Duel!

The sound of two celestials charging into battle caused the sky to grow dim, and the clouds to seethe. The Will of millions of cultivators was being drawn upon to create a tempest of the most shocking proportions!

From a distance, it looked like the sky might be ripped apart! Celestial Virūpākṣa moved with shocking speed, becoming vaster than the sky itself as he unleashed his crushing attack!

Celestial Ren Ling was a bit weaker than him, but the murderous aura that roiled around her actually surpassed his! In terms of both brutality and number of kills, few celestials in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty could surpass her!

With the two of them attacking in unison, it seemed like a devastating force that would absolutely crush anything in their path with utter impunity!

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