Chapter 1203: This Immortal Domain Is Mine!

The instant the words left Bai Xiaochun’s mouth, all heaven and earth seemed to darken. At the same time, an enormous hand materialized in the sky above, which shot down toward Reverend Devourer.

Even as the hand descended, causing the lands below to quake, the air seemed to solidify, sealing the area around Reverend Devourer so that he couldn’t move!

When Reverend Devourer sensed what was happening, his eyes nearly popped out of his skull because of the shock.

“Y-you… you… you broke through to the Archaean Realm?” It seemed to him like the magic at work surpassed anything celestials could utilize, as though the Essence power of an entire world were being unleashed. Not even Celestial Virūpākṣa could do something like that.

Face completely expressionless, Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, causing intense rumbling sounds to echo out, as though...

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