Chapter 1200: Curious Bai Xiaochi

Bai Xiaochun was absolutely confident about what was to come. Over the course of the following month, he continued to spar with the archaean slave, becoming more familiar with the use of the Undying Sovereign’s Fist, and even making it more powerful.

Other than the Waterswamp Kingdom, this was his most powerful divine ability, something that could shake even archaeans.

From the look of it, his bad luck was going to be a thing of the past. The Undying Sovereign’s Fist could crush anything in its path, and would soon cause Bai Xiaochun to bask in the warm glow of good luck.

Eventually, at long last… Bruiser woke up!!

When it happened, Bai Xiaochun could sense the Daoist Tower of Life and Death tremble a bit. Blurring into motion, he headed to the tower, sent some divine sense inside, and then performed...

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