Chapter 1199: Vile-Emperor? Hah!

The old man slowly began to look up.

He wore green garments, and didn’t seem very impressive at all with his white hair and emaciated frame. He was even a bit hunched over. But after looking up at Bai Xiaochun, he straightened, and his eyes began to shine even more brightly. Suddenly, his facial features began to change, and an expression of anger filled his face.

As his energy began to build, his hair changed, transforming from white to pitch black!

By the time he finished looking up, he didn’t look like an old man anymore, but rather, middle-aged!

Even as his energy soared, the divine sense and cultivation base fluctuations of the Archaean Realm erupted out from him, as well as a unique, holy air!

Although the man now seemed to be on the same level as the Vile-Emperor or the Saint-Emperor, he was a bit off in terms of his cognitive ability and...

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