Chapter 1198: Archaean Slaves

As the Go piece vibrated, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes began to shine as he realized that, apparently, all it took was a thought on his part… to control the Go piece!

“Maybe it’s not just the Go piece….” Holding his breath, he sent his divine sense into the Go board as a whole, which also began to shine with bright light. However, only a moment later, the light faded, and his divine sense began to dissolve.

“Can’t quite get the Go board….” he thought, sighing regretfully. Pulling his divine sense back, he sat down cross-legged and performed some breathing exercises until he was fully recovered. Then he stood up and sent his divine sense out again. Instead of targeting the Go board, though, he locked onto the Go piece. As it began to vibrate and emit bright light, he performed an incantation...

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