Chapter 1197: Sovereign Precious Treasure!

A closer look would reveal that within that glowing light was half of a damaged fan!!

It was exactly the same type of light that glowed from Bai Xiaochun’s part of the damaged fan, although slightly dimmer. Furthermore, this fan was so damaged that it looked like it might collapse at any moment.

“It’s finally here, milord!” Bai Xiaochi said excitedly. “If you help me, then together, we should be able to put both halves of the fan together. Then it will become a true sovereign-level precious treasure!!” He had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and in fact, had often thought that it would never come, and that the two halves of the fan would forever follow their own trajectories through the void.

But then that sovereign’s arm appeared, with an aura that could actually power the...

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