Chapter 1196: The Other Half Of The Fan

Bai Xiaochi was visibly stunned. He might have taken Bai Xiaochun’s words to be mere ravings, except for the fact that his divine sense was actually connecting to the sovereign’s arm!

That connection seemed completely and utterly inconceivable.

“He’s… he’s just a celestial! He's not even an archaean. And yet he’s actually connecting to that sovereign’s arm!!” He almost couldn’t believe his eyes. Despite the fact that he had sensed the sovereign’s aura influencing Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation over the years, he still couldn’t wrap his mind around what was happening.

“What secret is he hiding!?!?”

“Could it have something to do with the fact that he's from the Eternal Immortal Domains…? Maybe he….” Bai Xiaochi’s eyes went even wider than they had been before. He...

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