Chapter 1195: Late Celestial Realm

Meanwhile, the Vile-Emperor returned to the Eternal Immortal Domains, filled with rage. Word was already spreading about how Bai Xiaochun had cut down Celestial Deadfall, captured Prince Ur-Demon, executed the Vile-Prince, and thrown the city into chaos. Not a single person in either the Vile-Emperor Dynasty or the Saint-Emperor Dynasty who heard about what had occurred was not astonished or shaken!

“He killed Celestial Deadfall? Heavens! It’s been a long time since any celestials fought and killed each other!!”

“He captured Prince Ur-Demon? Damn! Prince Ur-Demon used to be loyal to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. He was Celestial Chen Su’s apprentice, but turned traitor. Well, I guess he got what he deserved!”

“This King Heavenspan has really got some guts! From what I remember, he was only a demigod when he arrived in the Eternal Immortal Domains….”

“He executed the Vile-Prince…? How...

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