Chapter 1194: Achieving Desires

It was impossible to say exactly how much time passed. The damaged fan continued to sail through the soundless darkness.

It was a state of seemingly ultimate peacefulness….

Only the light of the damaged fan could be seen, twinkling in the darkness like a star or planet.

However, with the fan’s spirit automaton asleep, and Bai Xiaochun meditating to recover, the glimmering light was not as bright as before. One day, Bai Xiaochi’s eyes opened. He looked very tired as he crawled to his feet and looked around blankly. Back when he had passed out, Bai Xiaochun had only been able to lapse into virtual unconsciousness as he meditated. As a result, the enormous sovereign’s arm had fallen down onto the surface of the fan, instead of going back into the fan face.

Despite not being under anyone’s direct control, the arm was still immensely powerful, and...

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